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Fosters HD Blinds

Searching for blinds? Dargaville has what you need!

Fosters Home Décor have everything you need when it comes to blinds. Dargaville is home to one of Northland’s most established home decorating stores, with a large range of window furnishings in stock. Choosing the right blind for your needs can be a difficult task however, and this is where our experienced team is on hand to offer advice and assistance.

Choosing your blinds

We have a large range of blinds in store, and we understand how confusing the selection can be! There are a number of aspects to consider before you purchase your blinds or window coverings.


Things to consider:

  • The purpose. Do you need blinds for privacy, for style, for light blocking, or for all of the above? Consider these needs before you choose!

  • Budget. Yes, this is an important consideration, and we are able to offer a large range of quality blinds to suit all budgets. It does help if you know your budget first, however.

  • Wooden, vinyl or aluminium? This choice largely depends on your budget, but also aesthetics. We are able to explain the benefits of each, while also outlining care and quality.

  • Insulated or summer-feel? Consider the style and need of your home; insulated blinds offer extra protection against the winter chill, while conserving energy and reducing your power bill. Summer blinds are perfect for reducing the sun’s glare, and for allowing directed sunlight into your living areas.

  • Vertical or horizontal? While horizontal slats offer the illusion of larger window spaces (perfect for the smaller apartment or room), vertical blinds are fantastic for wider window spaces such as stacking or sliding doors.



Not sure what you need? Contact our helpful team at Fosters for expert advice on blinds and window coverings.




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